Rev. Nathaniel Colón

On June 1959 in the State of New York Nathaniel Colon was born. The third of six children of Artemio Colon and Irma Rodriguez. Three years later, his parents moved to Puerto Rico being located in the neighborhood of Puerta de Tierra in San Juan, where he spends the stage of childhood and adolescence. Although he was raised in the church, it is at the age of seven, when he has a personal encounter with the Lord as his Savior. From an early age through pastors, evangelists and prophets it was declared on to him that God had a ministry for him. He was always active in the church coming to exercise various leadership positions as a teacher, secretary and superintendent of the Sunday School, Youth President and lead singer in musical groups and solo demonstrating their desire to serve.

On May 22, 1982 he married his beloved wife, Magda. From their marriage they have fathered three daughters, Julie, Elizabeth and Crystal, who are actively involved in their pastoral ministry. On May 11, 1984, at age 24, he began his pastoral ministry in the Church Alpha and Omega A / D, in Puerta de Tierra, the neighborhood where he grew up and saw him minister for five years. He had the privilege of being the District Youth Chairman of the Assemblies of God in Puerto Rico, during that time. He traveled all over the island, singing and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. God opened doors for him to minister through the radio and many other media outlets.

In 1989 he graduated from the Bible Institute and was ordained and anointed to full ministry by the District of Puerto Rico's Assemblies of God. In 2004 he received his Bachelor Degree in Bible from the Caribbean Theological College of the Assemblies of God located in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. In 2010 he obtained a Masters in Biblical Counseling from Logos Christian University. In 2012 he received his doctorate in Divinity with concentration in Pastoral Ministries from the Christian University Logos.

In 1991 Pastor Colon comes to Florida as the elected Pastor of Gate of PDC Church in Deltona. Where he pastors to the present day. Pastor Nathaniel Colon has served in ministries like columnist in Christian newspapers, Programmer and Director of Radio, Secretary-Treasurer A / D Section 5, Principal and Teacher of Bible school for over twelve years, Priest of A / D Section 7 and Member of the Executive Presbytery of the Assemblies of God, Family Director, Chairman Chapter Volusia Hispanic Christian Church Association of Central Florida and Vice-President on the Board of the Organization itself among other occupations of ministry.

Under his leadership many have been led to take part in the ministerial ranks, including pastors, evangelists, teachers and more. Under his pastoral care in the year 2000 the temple for PDC Church was built and in 2005 the church acquired Camp Redemption. He is a fighter who has never ran away from the battles and has always had faith in God to face the challenges that lie ahead. He has not let circumstances determine the course of action, believing that God calls and supports those in ministry. He has a clearly defined vision of God's call to his life and family.

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